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Endowed with Power

We should say to ourselves, this trial is “an experience where I might try my faith out.” President Richards said, “That makes all the difference.”

Since 2008, President Larry J. Richards has led the LDS Business College. He gave a message to the students that attended Fall semester in 2012; he quoted Elder Eyring who said, “We are not in the business of education. We are not in the business of granting degrees. We are in the business of endowing students with power.”

You are endowed with the power to give. The power to see and do the right things. To stand righteously and to stand true.

We are living this life so that we may experience opposition and know of the joy and sorrow. That we may have burdens and have the strength to overcome them. So you will have burdens. It will not be easy.

Through trials, you will have the opportunity to become something great, and you can become great things through the power you are endowed with by the God.

No one invites bad things to happen to them, nor do they want bad things to happen, but you will survive your trials and be made stronger because of them.


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