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Exceed expectations with a degree in Interior Design

For many, it’s a struggle to know what you’ll really gain in the long-run from your college degree. Leslie Minson, an Interior Design degree student at LDS Business College, was able to quickly realize the value of her education and exceed her own expectations.

“I was surprised with how much I could learn here,” Leslie said. “Knowing that it is a two-year college, I was unsure of how much I could really grow here. Having almost gone through the whole program now, I feel like it had really prepared me for the professional world.”

Over 70% of faculty at LDS Business College are adjunct. Meaning, the majority of the time in classes, students are learning from real-world professionals who remain current and relevant in their industries.  

“I think that the size of the classes is wonderful because I’ve been able to develop good relationships with my professors,” Leslie said. “They know me, and I know them. That’s so cool. They’re so easy to talk with.”

Because LDS Business College is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s a unit of the Church Educational System. Leslie has been provided with a spiritually nourishing environment to complement her intellectually stimulating education. 

“When I came to tour the school for the very first time, I could feel the Spirit very strongly,” Leslie said. “I knew that it would be a great learning atmosphere for me to transition from high school to college – to be able to keep my standards and morals really high. It’s cool to learn about Interior Design in the perspective of the gospel of Jesus Christ because Heavenly Father and the Savior are the greatest creators.”

Interior Design wasn’t always the plan for Leslie, though.

“I was torn between studying Architecture and Interior Design,” Leslie said. “I took a year or two of interior design in high school and my teacher wondered if I had looked into the Interior Design program at LDSBC. She told me to check it out. So, I did. I came here and took a tour. It just felt right, and that’s why I came.

“I was surprised with how much I could learn here. Having almost gone through the whole program now, I feel like it’s really prepared me for the professional world. Once you’ve decided what you want to study – it’s a great opportunity.”

Exceed your expectations with a degree at LDS Business College. We offer more than just business degrees. Discover how a hands-on degree like Interior Design can help prepare you for the professional world. Let’s make your future happen at LDS Business College.

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