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Faith opens doors for Armando

When the mission president called Armando in for an interview, Armando was touched by his deep concern. “It was my very first time seeing my mission president so worried about someone,” he said. “I felt that I needed to tell him everything would be OK.”

Every morning, Armando woke up early to cook breakfast for his companion. “At the beginning,  he wasn’t really supportive,” said Armando. “But eventually we began waking as early as possible, exercising, reading our scriptures, and getting ready for the day. I was there for him, and it was all that really mattered.”

After his mission, Armando received training from LDS Business College before going home to Mexico. The experience changed his life. “It was when I learned about my strengths,” he said.

“The person in charge of the missionaries told us that if we didn’t know where to start our career, the BC was a good place to start,” he continued. “His mention that classes at the College started with prayer stood out for me. I immediately thought, ‘If I am going to start college, I better start every class with a prayer.’ I knew this was the place for me.”

After returning home to Tijuana, Armando began preparing to return to Salt Lake City and start his training. He worked hard to save money to pay for school and application fees, but the going was slow. When he was accepted to LDSBC and the day to start classes came closer, Armando worried how he would pay for three semesters as it was required of international students.

“Just when I needed help the most, a good friend came and offered to be my sponsor,” he said. “She let me borrow her money without any interest. It was a tender mercy for me.”

A friend drove Armando from Tijuana to Salt Lake City as that was his only way to get to the College. When his friend asked Armando where he needed to be dropped off, Armando realized he didn’t have a place to stay. “A family I met during my mission came to mind,” he said. “I called immediately, and they welcomed me the same day I got here. I ended up staying with them for six months.”

He also received assistance finding a job. “I didn’t have a clue how to write a resume,” he said. “I went to Career Services and they helped me with all I needed.” Now that he is settled in both school and work, Armando is quick to reflect on how he has grown during this personal journey.

“I have learned to focus on my strengths,” he said. “It’s often easier to focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths, but the BC has helped me manage my life better. I am becoming my very best self, as this is the first time in my life that my teachers have cared about me.”

Armando will graduate this semester from LDSBC. As he has looked for job openings in the medical assistant field, he knows he is ready. “The job description for a medical assistant is a perfect fit to the skills I have acquired through the BC,” he said.

After graduating from the College, Armando plans to work for a year and apply for medical school. “I want to become a traumatologist,” he said. “I would like to provide the best care possible a patient can have.”

Armando’s future looks as bright as his faith. “I want people to see the path that I walked and to know that God answers prayers. I want others to feel His presence, and I want them to know they are loved. The BC is a place for people who believe in God, whether they are members of the Church or not.

“I feel that I will not fail because Heavenly Father is helping me out,” Armando concluded.


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