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Spring 2021 Registration Options

We've finalized the Spring 2021 schedule and invite you to register for the courses that best fit your needs. We are teaching in a variety of ways to adhere to social distancing guidelines and keep you safe. Here are the types of courses you will see when registering:

  • Online-Only Courses
    • These are courses that are strictly online with no specified time to meet with your instructor or classmates.

  • Zoom-Only Courses
    • These courses are administered through Zoom. There will be a date and a time to login for class.

  • Hybrid Courses
    • These courses are taught on campus and through Zoom. One day of the week will be on campus, and the other will be through Zoom. The class schedule will list which days you are to be on campus.

  • On-Campus Courses
    • These courses are taught 100% on campus.

Minor adjustments may still be made as departments adjust to meet the needs of their students. Please continue to monitor your registration for potential changes.


I've already signed up for courses. Do I have to re-register for them?

No. The courses you have registered for are still on your schedule. Please review MyEnsign and see if the courses you've signed up for meet your scheduling needs. The times have not changed, but the way the course is taught is clearer on the schedule to help you know if it's an online, Zoom or hybrid course.

Are all courses taught in each delivery method?

No. Each course was evaluated to determine the best method of teaching. Some classes have online, Zoom, and hybrid sections, and some only have one or two delivery methods.

Are some programs taught with specific delivery methods only?

Yes. Each course was evaluated to determine the best method of teaching. After reviewing the courses, some programs use only one method.

What should international students sign up for & how will that affect their status?

International students will be receiving an email soon explaining the options available. If you are already in the USA, you may sign up for any of the methods that work for your schedule. If you are not able to physically come to campus, you may select Zoom or online options to study wherever you live. Remember the time zone for all Ensign College courses is MST. Please plan accordingly.

What if I have an on-campus class and a Zoom course directly before or after? I won't have time to make it home for the Zoom course.

There will be open spaces on campus allowing you to participate via Zoom from on campus. The library and The Summit Grill are two areas that will be open and include WiFi. You can even go out onto the plaza in nice weather!

There are some classrooms I haven't heard of. Where are they?

To prevent elevator use as much as possible, we have created four new classrooms on the first floor of the building. They will be clearly marked as Commons North, Commons South, MPR East and MPR West. We are also using classrooms on the first few floors of the BYU-Salt Lake Center next door.

Will I be safe if I come to campus?

Ensign College will do everything possible to keep you safe! We encourage the use of masks and will have some available to you, if needed. There will also be plenty of hand sanitizer, and classrooms will be cleaned between courses. Courses held on campus will be smaller to allow for social distancing.

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