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Find Your Reason to Be at LDS Business College

Some people learn about the Business College through family and friends and others find it online, but all feel pulled by the spirit to attend. Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us and LDSBC is the answer for many.

LDS Business College can meet the needs of students through an affordable, skills-based education. It helps you brand yourself with real-life experiences that strengthen your spirit, personality, and resume.

Students attend the College take classes that help them receive associate degrees and certificates. Ninety percent of students graduating  are placed in ideal work position after graduation.

The Business College strives to teach self-reliance to students. Through the College’s unique education students are not only prepared for challenges, but are confident in their abilities to overcome and solve those challenges. Then, they can better serve and be a better disciple in their homes and communities.

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