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Finding Joy in Hard Things

At the time, the Brazilian economy was very unstable. If the economy crashed and Anderson didn’t have a degree, he would have lost his business and would be unable to get another job.

“I was miraculously able to sell my business and have enough money to cover my expenses,” he said. “Shortly after selling our business, the economy in Brazil collapsed. If we had stayed just a little longer in Brazil we would have lost the opportunity to invest in our further and who knows what else could have happened to us.”

Through friends’ recommendations, Anderson came to LDS Business College for his education. The college taught Anderson to be practical. “The best thing about LDSBC is it taught me that I can do hard things. I could be a husband, having a calling, be involved. I could both have a child and excel in my classes.”

Anderson was able to receive a scholarship that was able to help him provide for his family and follow God’s plan for him in focusing on his studies. Without the scholarship, he would have had to drop out and seek for more financial stability before continuing his studies. “The LDSBC and its donors blessed me with more than I can express myself. I’m deeply grateful for them.”

The college taught Anderson many things that would help him excel in his future career. “It taught me how to be professional in a company and get the job I really want,” he said. “It taught me to network and show my strengths. I believe that I’m prepared today to excel in any job interview and develop my career.”

Specifically, Anderson saw the compassion his teachers had and how they showed by example a desire to help us find value in our career paths. A couple professors taught Anderson to love math. “They showed me that I could do math without using a calculator. It was hard at first, but today, I’m studying Computer Engineering at BYU-Idaho,” Anderson said. “I have to take Engineering Math which has Calculus, and I’m doing well because of the love and excitement taught by the BC professors.” Before this, he never thought he could challenge himself to do hard things.

Spiritually, the BC taught Anderson to place God first in his life and then all other obligations would be taken care of. One of his fondest memories was working as a devotional assistant for David Brooksby. He served other students as they “worked for the common goal at the college which is to enlighten minds, elevate hope and ennoble souls to strengthen individuals, families, communities and the Lord’s Church.”

Anderson was amazed in many ways as the college accomplished this mission by preparing devotionals, activities and conferences. “I’m grateful for all the service opportunities I had because they made me a better man and disciple of Christ.”

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