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First look at LDS Business College's new Content Creation Certificate

LDS Business College is set to begin its new Content Creation Certificate beginning Fall 2020. Featuring six classes, the certificate is designed to help students focus exclusively on the content creation portion of their digital marketing careers.

The certificate is outlined as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of content creation
  2. Writing digital content
  3. Photography and graphic design
  4. Audio production
  5. Video production
  6. Portfolio projects

The first class (fundamentals of content creation) will act as the certificate’s pre-requisite and will be the only class of the six available to take Fall 2020. The following four classes (writing digital content, photography and graphic design, audio production, video production) will open Winter 2021, with the final class (portfolio projects) to become available in Spring 2021.

Students in this program will have access to a studio and lab with brand new equipment. Upon completion of the certificate, students will be familiar with many of the programs in the Adobe Suite.

Ben Hart, Digital Marketing Faculty at LDSBC commented, “If you want to really get involved with content creation and feel not only that you came out of it with a grade, but you came out with an education with enough experiences to make you feel as confident as any other professional in the field, you should take this certificate.”

Over the last two years faculty, alumni and program advisory board members at LDS Business College have noticed the interest and potential in helping students focus on being content producers. With follow-up research into the current job market, they found many opportunities available for people with a background in content creation.

“The skills you will learn in this certificate will have a lot of applicable potential in a lot of different fields,” Hart said.

Hart has not found anything comparable to this certificate in the state of Utah and states that LDSBC would be among the first 5% in the nation to create this kind of certificate.

“I’d say that our certificate will be better than a lot of the other certificate programs out there because of our availability to students, the cost of the certificate, integration with other certificates and our anticipation of having a lab and a studio at their disposal,” Hart said.

Look for more information on the new Content Creation Certificate in the Fall 2020 Catalog.

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