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Follow the Voice of the Good Shepherd

When the airplane experienced rough turbulence, passengers were thrown into the ceiling and injured. Just as the passengers faced an outcome they did not expect, we can face times like this, he said. Preparing for times like these should be a priority in our lives

As President Kusch asked students how they had prepared for uncertain times, he urged them to make scripture study a priority. “Your personal scripture study is a free-will offering of your agency,” he said. “Your religion homework does not count as personal study.”

He told students that he knew most of them did not have the time they previously had to study and ponder their scriptures, whether on a mission or not. He made them a promise: If they asked God humbly in prayer before reading their scriptures to teach them, their prayer would be answered. He said the understanding we seek will come as we make scripture study and prayer a priority, even with a limited amount of time.

President Kusch also remarked that doing the small things, such as reading scriptures and praying, will help us focus on the essential things that matter the most. “It is vital to our spiritual survival to shun the voices of the world and follow the voice of the Good Shepherd,” he said.





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