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From zero to a Cybersecurity career in two years!

According to the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Utah will become a top employer of Cybersecurity professionals over the next decade.

What if you could ramp up your skill-set to prepare you to work in this hotter-than-hot IT segment within the next two years? You’ve heard the old business adage: Supply vs Demand? Well, the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is very high and the qualified supply is very low…. Think about what that could mean to you as far as financial compensation and job security.

LDS Business College was among the first schools along the Wasatch Front to offer an Applied Associates degree (2-year AAS degree) in Cybersecurity. Our graduates are finding jobs as Security Analysts, Penetration Testers, Security Advisors, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

Our Cybersecurity competition team competes in multiple national Cyber competitions each year, competing against many of the big-name schools across the country and we compete very well. While we are small, our students are learning the same skills learned at the big schools and we confidently attend these nationally sponsored competitions to show off the abilities of our students.

The Cybersecurity program at LDSBC is rigorous. Students are expected to learn, through hands-on projects and labs, how to configure various networking and security devices, how to identify risks and vulnerabilities, how to protect against attacks and how to monitor and defend corporate infrastructures against hackers. Each student is expected to complete an internship and many have opportunities to work in the LDSBC Tech Lab environment – which is a real-world, student-run data center and Security Operations Center environment that gives real-life experiences in running an IT cloud environment and security monitoring system.


Spencer DeGraw

Program Chair - Cybersecurity

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