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Good Students, Good Stories

Before her mission she worked at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and loved her job. In 2015, Amy studied Business Management at LDS Business College in order to learn the skills she needed to return to the happiest place on earth and work with the Disney Resorts management.

With small classes, Amy felt the professors were individually involved and cared for the students, helping them succeed. The weekly devotionals helped her to study spiritually as well as temporally and feel more confident in her studies. Everyday before her studies she always makes time to read the Book of Mormon so she puts the Lord first in her life. 

Amy served her mission in Korea and loves to make good big lunches for school. From rice to stir fries, she loves the vegetables and seaweed included in them. She rides Trax to school and always has a book to read and study on the train so she can continue her studies no matter where she is.

Amy’s goal is to study and receive a master’s degree at a university and LDS Business College is the first step to getting there. She appreciates the education she is getting and is even more appreciative of it through her work opportunities.

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