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Grow and Excel in Your Future with an LDSBC Social Media Marketing Degree

Henrique Souza Santos, a Social Media Marketing student from Sao Paulo, Brazil, had no idea what to expect when he stepped into his first-class on LDS Business College’s campus.

At LDSBC, students are immersed in their education with a deep learning pattern called Subject Matter Immersion. Students act as agents of their own learning as they work to develop skills that apply to real-life work environments.

“At first, it was hard to understand the different pattern of learning at the College,” Henrique said. “I was used to lectures, homework and tests. When I got here, I realized that I needed to not only prepare for the topic of discussion but to really become immersed in the topic. I needed to be engaged.”

As a result, Henrique has learned how to communicate better and work together on teams more efficiently. This was especially helpful after coming to LDSBC as an international student.

“It’s a really nice environment to learn because you don’t feel the pressure of not knowing the language perfectly,” Henrique said. “You focus on bringing all of your experiences to your classes. I feel like I’m always receiving help from my instructors and peers. You feel personal value here.”

That help has come in the form of advisors. Henrique has gained several valuable mentors in his time at the College. Because over 70% of LDS Business College’s instructors are adjunct who work full-time in the field they are teaching, Henrique has received real industry insight.

“I really love my teachers,” Henrique said. “I had two professors that changed the vision of what I wanted to do with my life. My mentors have shown me how I need to learn in order to excel as a student and a future employee.

“LDS Business College is really an inspiring place to come. You’re going to grow here more than you will anywhere else. The amount of opportunities that you have to get a job right after you graduate from here is unreal. Employers are looking at the students here because the College has real connections with real employers. Even before you graduate, you can have a job.”

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