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I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Neal Hooper gave his last talk as an employee of LDS Business College as he is continuing education at Utah State University. Having graduated from the BC, he gave advice that aligned with the three E’s of the school: enlighten minds, elevate hope and ennoble souls.

"I have a strong testimony that LDS business college meets these aims," Hooper said. "It is a temple of learning, a safe haven." While a student at LDS Business College, he started a club, was a mentor and ambassador, and three years after graduation was hired to be a full-time employee.

The one piece of counsel to the students was to “Hold to the ​iron rod with a white knuckle grip and never let go...The spirit of God will save your soul.”

Adrian Juchau presented a wonderful musical number, “Lord, I Would Follow Thee.” The arrangement was inspired as he was looking up at the stars in wonder and awe. It’s a “hymn of discipleship,” and this is a “College of discipleship,” he said. As discipleship means learning, following and doing, he asked us to think of how we can better strengthen our relationship with heaven.

Lastly, President Richards spoke about the totality of all the summer devotionals. He encouraged the students to look back on all the devotionals attended and the notes written and see the themes and messages Heavenly Father was giving specifically to them. ​

He promised that if time is taken to look back on the things written down with inspiration, then we will find certain steps the speakers have given and we will know what the Lord wants us to do.

President Richards closed, "My testimony is strengthened because of the look in your eyes and I am grateful to be associated with you.”


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