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Interior Design at LDS Business College

Every year students are required to compete in the IIDA portfolio review. This gives them the opportunity to graduate with a presentation portfolio and will help them in job interviews. Our students have had a long tradition of top placement in the competition. Recent winners have received a first and second place, honorable mention awards and a national award from IFDA.

To this day, 80-90 percent of graduates find work in their field within 90 days of graduation, most before they graduate. LDSBC alumni work in high-end home furnishing stores, design-related industries and some go one to open their own design firms.

Other careers in interior design consist of being a staff designer in a fine furniture store, being a sales representative for one of the design-related industries, or being a design apprentice in an architectural or interior design firm. Many students make their own personal business and work from home so they can be with their families.

Each semester, students get real-life experience projects that teach and apply the concepts and skills needed for the industry. Hands-on learning helps students better retain the knowledge they gain and gives students opportunities to use their skills.

Madeleine Mustard, former interior design students shared her experience of going into a volunteer's home and getting the opportunity to redesign it. We took measurements, pictures, and everything, she said.

In addition, Madeleine mentioned the wonderful experience of learning design skills hand-in-hand with the gospel principles. I get to create things like the great Creator; maybe not as amazing as him, but still following after the same pattern he set up for us, she said. God is the ultimate designer; we're here to learn about design and its pattern God has set up for us.

Not only do students better realize the world God has designed, but they grow closer to Him. They find that everything in this world is for us as God designed it to be, and we can design Christ-centered homes for families and positive workspaces for different industries and communities.  

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. -Albert Hadley, American Interior Designer.

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