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Interior Design Student Returns to the College After 30 Years

Originally from western Canada, Laurae was living in Iowa, raising her family, and running a painting and interior decorating business when she was prompted to move to Utah, and return to the LDS Business College, to study interior design.

As a single parent, the move to Utah gave Laurae and her teenage children a fresh start. She described her experience at the college as a “tender mercy,” and explained, “This has been a wonderful journey, and something I’ll always cherish.”

Laurae said every time she comes to school, she feels protected and guided by the Spirit. She learned from teachers and classmates who she now considers her dear friends.

Color Theory was one of her favorite interior design classes. She learned about the colors’ role and psychological impact on environments we live in. She learned that shadows are just as important as light and drew upon that imagery to explain that life’s dark moments help us appreciate and look for the light.

“As we press forward in faith and endure to the end,” Laurae said, “we can accomplish anything.”

At the Business College, Laurae learned “How the Spirit affects learning in every way, at any age. It shapes character, not just knowledge.” She commended her professors for being understanding and supportive of her and her classmates.

Laurae says that learning the building blocks of interior design has given her the confidence she needs. “I was good at what I did before,” she said, “but now I see things with a different perspective, which makes me better.”

With her interior design degree in-hand, Laurae plans to work as an interior designer, and rebuild her own business.

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