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International newlywed students make their home at LDSBC

Fresh off his mission, newlywed and ready to start online schooling through BYU-Pathway Worldwide, it all seemed settled for Maxim Bukanov. At the time, he enjoyed a stable life, a good job and being married to his sweet wife. 

It was just three weeks before starting the Pathway program offered in Ukraine when the couple decided to visit a friend living in Salt Lake City. The trip unexpectedly changed their life. 

After finding out that his good friend attended LDSBC, they decided they'd take a tour of the school while they were in Salt Lake.  

When touring LDS Business College, Maxim experienced something unique: “When I walked up to the building, I had a strong feeling that this was where I needed to be” he said. The more time he spent at LDSBC, the stronger the feeling was. Walking through the hallways, he could picture himself as an LDSBC student. 

Even though the prompting was strong, making the final decision was not easy. Maxim and his wife faced several obstacles: they were coming from a faraway country, they'd have to find a place to live, and they'd need an income for support. This was stressful for young couple. 

After working as hard as they could and saving every penny, Maxim and his wife moved to Salt Lake City. Despite everything, they knew this was where the Lord wanted them to be. 

Living on savings for the first few months, being a full-time student and a new first-time parent, helped Maxim realize how difficult it can be for international students to adapt to life in a foreign country. Determined to give back, Maxim decided to become a mentor for other students. His goal was to help others feel comfortable and achieve their goals. "I like to help students have a better experience and be positive," Max said. 

He'll soon graduate with an associate degree in IT.

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