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IT program hosts high school cybersecurity competition

For the past five years, twice a year, the Cybersecurity program has hosted a competition where local high school students come and participate in teams of defenders (blue team) against the hackers, LDS Business College students (red team).

This is a great opportunity to reach out to different high schools and let them know about the programs the school offers. In fact, some of the high school students that have come in the past have returned to the College to enroll in classes.

Students at the College have the opportunity to build the networks and systems that are used during the competition, so they can practice what they have learned in their classes. They participate as volunteers and can be part of the hackers team or serve as mentors for the high school students.

This event helps participants put in practice their skills and allows them to learn from others as they work in teams.

At the end of the competition, everyone comes together to eat a lunch, where insights and experiences during the event are shared. Participants come out with a better idea of what they can do in the future, how they can prepare for it and where they can improve their skills. Winners receive medals at the end of the competition.

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