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Jamie Glenn: Journey to LDSBC as a Service Missionary

Jaime Glenn

Students and faculty will soon become familiar with a new face on campus next semester: Jamie Glenn. She is currently serving as a service missionary for LDS Business College.

The timing was just right for Glenn to begin her journey here.

“I have known Craig Bell (Vice President of Academics) and Bruce Kusch (President) for some time,” Glenn said. “A year ago, President Kusch asked me to come and help facilitate strategic planning for his leadership team. I loved that. He and his wife later suggested that I should come down and do some service, teach a class or something like that. The timing wasn’t quite right for me then, but when Craig saw me a few weeks ago and asked if I was ready to serve, I said, ‘absolutely.’”

Glenn will spend the next 24 months at LDS Business College, serving on campus approximately 20 hours per week. To start, she will be working primarily with the training and development of part-time faculty.

“I’m excited,” Glenn said. “It’s a sweet opportunity. I’ve worked with a lot of Church service missionaries and full-time missionaries in my former career. It’s a really cool feeling to know that even though I’m retired, I can still contribute.”

Glenn comes to LDS Business College following three years of retirement.

“It was absolutely the right time for me to retire,” Glenn said. “I love the flexibility, and I’ve been able to do a lot of Church service. I have 18 nieces and nephews, and I’m the single aunt who’s spoiled them over the years. So, I have been able to do lots of family-type things which has been great.”

Prior to retirement, Glenn was invested in a 40-year career working in the Church Office Building – the majority of which was spent in Human Resources.

“I actually started out working on Temple Square as a summer job,” Glenn said. “After graduating from BYU, they needed someone to work there full-time, and I did that for about four years.

“From there, I worked at the Missionary Department for a while and ended up in Human Resources.

“I had the opportunity to be the administrative manager for the Primary Presidency – working for three and a half years under one presidency and two and a half years under another presidency.

“After that, I was HR Director in Family History and then Welfare. And finally, in central HR, I was Director of Workforce Planning and Staffing.”

With Glenn’s wealth of knowledge and experience, everyone associated with LDS Business College should benefit from her service here.

“I want to make a difference in some way,” Glenn said. “It’s cool that I can use the skills that I have that I’m already passionate about. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you can make more of a difference. You have more of a sense of wanting to help others use their gifts because you’re able to use yours so much. That’s really cool.

“I’d love it if everyone could find something that they love and transfer that into a program. LDS Business College does that better than anybody. I think it would be great if every student came in here and said, ‘Wow, I get to be me and develop me and what I love and who I am.’ Why wait until they’re looking for work to do that? Why not let students discover and find something that they love instead of just something they could do to make money?”

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