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Janai sees sun through storms of life

A month later, Janai sold all her belongings and moved to Utah with her husband and two kids. Having no family in Utah made it especially hard as they had no one to help them. While adjusting to Utah and going to school, Janai was re-diagnosed with depression.

“I attended school part time to get my mind off the depression,” she said. After five semesters of this, she decided to dig in, attend school full time, and finish.

However, things didn’t go as planned. “I had a terrible breakdown and had to drop out,” Janai said. “I slept for days and weighed 100 pounds. I worked hard to recover for four months. I did all in my power to stand tall, and I did.”

With the help of three staff members and the support of the Lord, Janai could better see her individual worth and return to school. She gained new skills at juggling school and family. Now she and her husband attend school full time, with her attending in the morning and him attending at night. She even had her third child mid-semester!  

“LDS Business College is truly a blessing for me,” Janai said. “I know that when I enter the workforce, I will be a valuable asset not only because of my education but also the principles and standards I was taught at school.”

LDSBC not only prepares Janai for her job and career, but for her eternal role as a mother. “I have already learned and applied so many principles in my home,” she said. “I am now an example for my family. I will be the first person in my entire family to get a college degree.”

Janai is teaching her children important concepts by example. They can see the success and accomplishment that come from hard work. “At times life can be very difficult,” Janai said. “But in the end, the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter than all the darkness we sometimes go through.”

Janai is excited to graduate in April 2017. No matter what hard trials come her way, she is ready to face them. “There will always be more good than evil,” she said. “At times in life, situations make life cloudy and sad, but that isn’t what our Heavenly Father put us here for. We are not here to suffer, but to grow and love. We are here to be happy!”

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