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Jean-Philippe uses his blessings to help others

He could no longer afford to continue. “When I prayed about what to do,” he said, “I was prompted to apply to LDS Business College, even though I did not know how I was going to afford it."

The student from Pétion-Ville, Haiti, moved forward with faith. To his relief, he received a scholarship to LDSBC. “The scholarship encouraged me to work even harder to get good grades,” he said. “It encouraged me to keep paying my tithing, remain obedient to the Lord’s commandments, and pay my blessings forward."

The two years spent at LDSBC blessed Jean-Philippe on many levels. He loved the location and spiritual atmosphere. He made good friends and excelled in his studies. College was affordable. Best of all, it was a catalyst in his growing career. Although balancing family and student life was difficult, Jean-Philippe graduated in April 2015 without debt.

His education in server administration and network engineering brought immediate success. “I found an entry-level job in my field in the Church Office Building,” he said. “It was a great start for my career.” He was able to successfully market his abilities due to his LDSBC classes, extracurricular activities, and resume templates he applied to his circumstances. LDSBC helped him recognize companies to target, people to connect with, and strategies for interviews.

“LDSBC enlightened my mind,” said Jean-Philippe. “It pushed me to find my best career options, and it sparked the burning flame of success in me."

While at LDSBC, Jean-Philippe learned personal principles that improved his daily and spiritual life as well. He learned how to build credit and manage personal finances. He was blessed with friends and mentors to guide him. “I became more spiritual than ever before,” he said. “I received a lot more promptings and revelations on how to conduct my life and what decisions would benefit my family."

Jean-Philippe wants to take what he gained at LDSBC and use it to help others. “I would like to help make education more affordable for everyone, especially those in third-world countries,” he said. “I would like to mentor and help provide more opportunities for people to do better in life. I want them to understand a key lesson I learned through my experiences: There is always something better.”

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