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Keep true to the faith

“It is by His grace we are saved after all we can do, and all we can really do it repent,” Elder Grow said. Jesus Christ “did it all 100%.” He can save us from the many mistakes and failures we make, but we must also do our part in order to receive His grace. 

Elder Grow spoke of three patterns of faith: reading scriptures, prayer, and church attendance. 

  1. Reading the Scriptures- it’s not just about reading, it’s about studying. “Feast upon the words of Christ,” he said. We must become familiar with the voice of the Lord through the teachings of the Holy Ghost. As you become familiar with the voice of the Holy Ghost and as you study, you’ll be protected because you’ll recognize the voice of warning. Also, as you study, the doctrines you learn will become a part of who you are.
  2. Prayer- As we pray continually, it too becomes a “great protection for you,” Elder Grow said. As we pray, we offer our whole souls as an offering. Without revelation there can be no salvation.
  3. Attending Church- Church is an “Opportunity to demonstrate our faith and humility to God,” Elder Grow said. The sacrament sanctifies our souls as we offer up a broken heart and contrite spirit to Him. “The Lord cannot heal a heart that’s not broken,” he said. As we repent and exercise obedience He can heal us and we will have no more disposition to do evil. We also partake of the sacrament to take His name upon us and willingly strive to be like Him. 

In conclusion, Elder Grow bore testimony of the prophets and apostles that lead our church. "I love 'The Book of Mormon,'" he said. "It is the great tool of conversion.” May we all strive to follow this pattern of faith.

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