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Launch Your Career with Global Supply Chain and Operations Training

At LDS Business College, we’re more than just business.

Take a look at our Global Supply Chain and Operations program to understand why.

Whether students are interested in a viable career with a small business, honing their management skills in a current position or managing an operation or supply chain function for a large company, students will find what they need at LDS Business College.

This degree prepares students to become a professional global supply chain and operations manager, a leader of people and processes or an effective employee in a great variety of career opportunities.

This experience-driven program gives students both foundational skills and the flexibility to specialize. The College works closely with small, medium and national companies to give students critical experience while attending classes. Courses are taught by faculty who have real-world experience.

Because not everyone has the same career path in mind, we offer an associate’s degree, an associate’s degree and certificate combo and a single certificate option for those looking to advance their careers in the Global Supply Chain & Operations field.

To help companies meet changing expectations and demands, Global Supply Chain and Operations students will learn a variety of skills:

  • Global supply chain management fundamentals

  • Operations management basics, incorporating: Quality, Logistics & Purchasing

  • Project management fundamentals, tools and techniques

  • Preparation in a choice of recognized industry professional certifications

  • Leadership and strategy

  • Marketing and sales

  • Professional business writing and oral presentations

  • Skills and practice in budgeting, forecasting, working capital requirements, investment analysis and decision making

  • Business technology

  • Financial and managerial accounting

  • Career preparation for confidently using resumes, portfolios (if applicable) and interviews

As a CES school, we give all of our students the opportunity to confirm their testimony of Jesus Christ, the restored Gospel and the power of the Atonement in as many settings as we can.

Whatever Global Supply Chain & Operations path you choose, we’ll be here to help you be the best you possible.

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