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LDS Business College helps returned missionaries get back into college

As the world works to adapt to the global impacts of COVID-19, many domestic missionaries have returned home from their missions earlier than anticipated. With those individuals in mind, LDS Business College has taken measures to help returned missionaries get back into college.

Streamlined Admissions Process

Returned missionaries can self-report their high school GPA and they do not need an SAT or ACT score to apply. Applications can be submitted right up to the semester start date on April 20.

Returned Missionary Scholarship

The scholarship deadline has been extended to April 24, after the start of Spring Semester. After applying for the Returned Missionary Scholarship, students will receive 50% off of their first semester tuition. They may also be eligible for additional scholarships and financial aid.

Begin Class Remotely while Self-Quarantined

With continued concern for students and faculty, Spring semester at LDS Business College will be offered remotely through technology-based instructional distancing techniques, meaning that students may take courses from wherever they reside in the United States. Returned missionaries who may still be under self-quarantine can start the semester with everyone else!

Begin Working Toward a Bachelor’s Degree

As LDS Business College becomes Ensign College this Fall, students will benefit from being able to apply their coursework to bachelor’s degrees, beginning in Fall 2021.

Learn more about what LDS Business College can do for recently returned missionaries:

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