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LDS Business College introduces Business Analytics Certificate

LDS Business College is pleased to welcome a new addition to the College — the Business Analytics certificate. Students who complete the certificate will be ready and able to review, interpret and apply big data in any field or industry they choose.

The Business Analytics certificate is also a great supplement for Accounting students. Completing the certificate in addition to their degree will help those students be more competitive for future job opportunities, and be better prepared for further education if that is the path they choose.

Students who complete the certificate will be able to:

  • Use Tableau, a data visualization software

  • Query and analyze big data to answer business questions

  • Extract, Transform and Load relevant data (ETL)

  • Receive the ECBA Certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis

Future jobs for students who complete the certificate include:

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Computer System Analyst

  • Management Analyst

  • Finance Analyst

  • Budget Analyst

  • Operation Research Analyst

This certificate is offered in connection with academic association with Tableau and the International Institute of Business Analysis, and is ideal for students who enjoy solving problems and want to make a difference in the organizations where they work.

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