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LDS Business College Spring 2020 Semester Adjustments

LDS Business College Spring 2020 Semester Adjustments 

With continued worldwide concern for those affected by COVID-19, LDS Business College has announced the following adjustments to courses during the Spring 2020 semester:

  • All courses will be conducted utilizing technology-enabled instructional distancing. 
  • Technology will be utilized to connect students and faculty remotely.
  • Students will be able to complete courses wherever they reside.
  • It is anticipated that campus will continue to be open with limited hours for essential student services. 
  • All services can be accessed via phone, email and other remote connection methods during regular business hours.

These changes may require some adjustments to currently planned courses. Lab courses that cannot be adapted for remote delivery will be canceled. Students may find it necessary to adjust their schedules as a result of these changes and can do so by working with an academic advisor. Information regarding course cancelations will be available to students before the end of Winter 2020 semester. 

For more information on Spring 2020 semester changes, refer to the Spring 2020 semester adjustments Q&Aand visit our website at


Spring 2020 Semester Adjustments Q&A

In response to the recent announcement that Spring 2020 semester courses will be held through technology-enabled instructional practices, the following information will assist LDS Business College students in making decisions and determining their next steps. 

1. Will there be a Spring semester or will LDS Business College be closed? 

Yes, we will have a Spring semester. However, Spring 2020 semester courses will only be offered through technology-enabled instructional practices. Students will be able to complete courses wherever they reside. We encourage all students, no matter where they live, to continue to register for classes so they can progress toward their degree. Campus will remain open with limited hours for essential student services. 

2. What is instructional distancing?

Instructional distancing refers to the method by which classes will be delivered to students in the Spring 2020 semester away from the physical campus. The original days and times of scheduled classes will not change. Instead of gathering in a physical building and room, you will gather through technology and still be able to interact with your teachers and other students in real time. You will be instructed in how to connect with your instructors and fellow students through Zoom. Please ensure you are signed up for a free Zoom license by heading to 

3. Will any of my classes be canceled entirely? 

We anticipate that classes will be offered as scheduled with the possible exception of some lab courses. If adjustments to the Spring Semester schedule become necessary, information will be made available to students before the end of Winter 2020 semester.  

4. What if I’m planning to graduate soon and a required course is canceled? 

LDS Business College academic leadership will work to identify alternate paths to graduation if a specific course cannot be offered in the Spring 2020 semester. They will look at all possibilities to continue moving students toward graduation with minimal delay.  

5. Can I withdraw from all Spring 2020 semester courses and return at a future date? 

Yes. LDS Business College fully supports each student in making personal decisions that align with their individual needs and specific circumstances. 

6. I am a new student and Spring 2020 was supposed to be my first semester at LDS Business College; can I defer my start to Fall 2020 instead? 

Yes. If you wish to postpone your enrollment to Fall 2020 semester, please email The Admissions Office will follow up with you to discuss your options. 

7. Will my scholarship and/or financial aid be impacted if my schedule changes? 

Awarded aid is determined by the number and type of registered credits. Contact with specific questions. 

8. I am an international student; how will my student visa be impacted if I do not register for enough credits or if all of my credits are taken with online technology? 

Continuing international students have been granted permission to take all credits using remote technology without affecting their visa status. For additional information, please contact the LDS Business College International Student Office at

All newly admitted international students for the Spring 2020 semester have been deferred to the Fall 2020 semester.

International students will receive a separate communication with detailed information about enrollment requirements for Spring 2020 semester. 

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