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LDS Social Media Conference

The conference will host ten presenters, as follows:

CREATING COMPELLING CONTENT - It always comes down to stories and relationships. Content that tells a story reminds us that we’re meant to connect in real, human ways. Then, social media marketing will become an enriching, gratifying experience! ~ DeNae Handy – My Real Life was Backordered; LDSBC social media professor

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE THROUGH VIDEO - Everyone with a smart phone can shoot and post video, but unless your video has a meaningful point and is aligned with your strategy, it will confuse your audience. ~ Guy Gibbons – LDSBC Creative Director

THREE STRATEGIES FOR TELLING POWERFUL STORIES - Following these three steps will help you tell every story in the most powerful way. ~ Spencer Taggart – LDSBC Director of Marketing & Microcourses

FROM FINISH TO START - Despite what you may have heard, developing a great social media strategy does not start at the beginning. With real-world examples, Jared Covington will examine why working backwards is the key to a great marketing strategy. ~ Jared Covington LDS Church Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist

WINNING WITH THE FACEBOOK ALGORITHM - Stop fighting the drop in your organic reach and come learn how to leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to increase your reach. ~ Barett Christensen – LDSBC Social Media Marketing Director

RAINDROPS ARE YOU MERCIES IN DISGUISE - Yes, you can! Through the naysayers, the tough roadblocks, the hardships, you can achieve amazing things. Those things you think are tough really become mercies in disguise. ~ Lisa Bearnson – Anthology (former Creating Keepsakes Magazine publisher, QVC & HSN host)

HOW TO HANDLE HATERS - Engaging hostility in the wrong way just makes matters worse—especially in social media. Al offers a refreshing antidote for negativity. ~ Al Fox Carraway – Author; Lecturer; LDS Church Social Media Manager

FROM HOBBY TO $500,000 BUSINESS - Two sisters-in-law begin blogging about their food storage hobby to share ideas. Before they knew it, their past time grew to a half-million dollars in annual sales! They will tell you how they did it. ~ Jodi Moore & Julie Weiss – Food Storage Made Easy

DIVERSIFYING YOUR REVENUE STREAMS - Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when trying to strategize your earning potential. There’s more than one way to add value to and earn money from your loyal followers. ~ Amy Roskelley & Russ Monson – Super Healthy Kids

THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN THE CHURCH - Educational opportunities and technologies for Church members worldwide are expanding. Learn how these looming changes will impact your family and your social media audience. ~ J. Lawrence Richards – President, LDS Business College

Click here to purchase your seat at the conference. Regular price is $25, but we're offering a 20% early-bird special discount until July 30th.

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