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LDSBC Hosts DECA Competition

LDS Business College hosted a DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) competition over the weekend. All LDSBC students placed in every event entered.

The business competition included individual events, team events and prepared presentations for participants to demonstrate their business knowledge, skills and abilities. Students came prepared with a presentation and/or were given 15 to 60 minutes to prepare for competition.

Official results:
Managerial Accounting: 1st place, Andy Vo
Managerial Accounting: 2nd place, Isabel Vidal
Marketing Communications: 2nd place, team of Beckie Crawford and Brady Stahle
Marketing Communications: 3rd place, team of Ana Leon and Tony Avila
Entrepreneurship Operations: 6th place, Jon Moore
Event Planning: 3rd place, team of Kim Pedersen and Zoie Schmauch
Hotel and Lodging Management, 3rd place, Beckie Crawford
Marketing Management, 3rd place, Austin Evans
Professional Sales: 5th place, McKay Petitta
Sports and Entertainment Marketing: 4th place, team of Jace Watt and Noah Morey
Travel and Tourism: 4th place, Sharon Allgood
Travel and Tourism: 6th place, Jen Watson
Business Ethics: 3rd place, team of Zoie Schmauch and McKay Petitta
Fashion Merchandising: 5th place, Austin Evans
Financial Statement Analysis: 1st place, team of Andy Vo and Isabel Vidal
Human Resource Management: 3rd place, Brady Stahle
Human Resource Management: 5th place, Tyler Skalka
International Marketing: 2nd place, team of Sharon Allgood and Helena Lund
International Marketing: 6th place, team of Ana Leon and Santiago Paez
Restaurant and Food Service Management: 5th place, Daniela Rozas
Retail Management: 3rd place, Jessica Meyers
Retail Management: 5th place, Noah Morey 

Additionally, three former LDSBC students placed: Matt Everett (two first-place wins), Rodrigo Chavez (2nd place and 3rd place) and Bill Douglas (3rd place).

The LDS Business College DECA class works on presentation skills during Winter Semester, marketing during Spring Semester and leadership during Fall Semester. 

Founded in 1947, DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

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