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LDSBC Institute Director, Brother Keith Burkhart, bids farewell after 3.5 years

Before coming to the Business College, Brother Burkhart didn’t know much about it. As time passed, he realized: “It’s like a missionary training center. The College prepares people educationally to represent the Lord out in the world, and do the things He wants them to do as part of this mortal experience, like marry, have children and raise families. The BC is a good place,” Brother Burkhart said.

In the time he’s been here, Brother Burkhart has had the opportunity to teach all the new Institute cornerstone classes. His favorite Institute cornerstone class is Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel, because “…every day you talk about Christ, and it doesn’t get any better than that,” he said.

Brother Burkhart has loved interacting with LDSBC students. His advice for success is to pray for the Spirit to be with them as they ponder and listen to the words from the scriptures. Students should recognize the blessing we have to be part of an institution that provides the opportunity to be taught by the Spirit.

He recommended that students “be in-the-moment while they’re in class,” and that they don’t “wish they were somewhere else.” He suggested that students “connect emotionally with the Savior and spiritually with the Holy Ghost, so They can help provide the most effective learning experience.”

Something Brother Burkhart has learned during his time at LDS Business College is: “The Lord is very interested in educating all the youth of the Church and preparing them for the Second Coming and Millennium. Time spent here is a great opportunity to prepare to be in the world and not of the world.”

Brother Burkhart counseled students “Not to listen to the adversary who tells them they’re not enough or less than they truly are. Heavenly Father knows who they really can become. If they listen to Him, they’ll be successful.”

Brother Burkhart concluded: “Students are granted a generous blessing to have an Institute of Religion housed within the walls of LDS Business College. Everyone at the College should take advantage of all the Institute has to offer.”

We’re grateful for the service Brother Burkhart has rendered to the College, for his contributions to President’s Council and influence in the lives of countless students. We’ll miss him and know that he’ll go about doing good in his future endeavors.

 We’re pleased to welcome Brother Jeff Rowland, one of LDSBC’s current Institute instructors, as the new Institute of Religion Director at the College. We’ll share more about Brother Rowland in a future article.

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