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LDSBC Project Management and Global Supply Chain Programs

The Project Management program at LDS Business College provides students with practical, hands-on experience working alongside business partners in multiple industries, developing tools and project management techniques. The program prepares them to become effective project managers, leading people and processes in a variety of career opportunities.

During their last semester, students can certify as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, a professional certification offered through the Project Management Institute. Brother Andrus encourages all his students to take this exam because it opens doors and creates solid future possibilities for program graduates.

Workers in the global supply chain support a company’s goal to produce goods or services and create steps so the right amount of those goods or services are delivered to customers at the right time, price and quality. It’s a complicated and sometimes tedious profession, but it’s always rewarding to create efficiencies that benefit a company’s bottom line.

Students in the Global Supply Chain program at LDS Business College learn how to work with others, how to negotiate, manage inventory, transportation, purchasing and logistics functions, working within a budget.

Both of these programs are four semesters long, so students can graduate in just two years. LDS Business College provides many services to support students, including free tutors to help them get the most out of each class. The faculty is also involved outside the classroom, helping students find and secure internships to set them apart from other job applicants.

A naturally optimistic influence in students’ lives, Brother Andrus’ final piece of advice: “There are lots of opportunities. Don’t ever limit yourself.”

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