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LDSBC students dominate DECA competition

Students from LDS Business College participated in a DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) competition over the weekend at Southern Utah University.

Three students placed first in the competition, while 22 students overall placed in the top six of their events.

The business competition included individual events, team events and prepared presentations for participants to demonstrate their business knowledge, skills and abilities. Students came prepared with a presentation and/or were given 15 to 60 minutes to prepare for competition.

Here is the complete list of results:

Tony Avila, Entrepreneurship - Starting a Business, 1st place
Noah Morey and Zoie Schmauch, Sports & Entertainment Marketing (team), 1st place
Camila Schick, Human Resource Management, 1st place
Kristina McKnight, Human Resources Management, 4th place
Mackenzie Black, Human Resource Management, 5th place
Izabel Rocha and Sabrina Peterson, Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies (team), 2nd place 
Mackenzie Black and Melissa Nelson, Event Planning (team), 2nd place
Zoie Schmauch and Santiago Paez, Business Ethics (team), 2nd place
Daniele Benigni and Kristina McKnight, Business Ethics (team), 3rd place
Ana Madeira and Sabrina Peterson, Business Ethics (team), 6th place
Jessica Meyers, Retail Management, 3rd place
Enzo Malpartida and Cesar Orrego, Marketing Communications (team), 4th place
Trevor Freeman and Kyle Abbott, Business to Business Marketing (team), 4th place
Tony Avila and Jessica Meyers, Business to Business Marketing (team), 5th place
Ana Madeira and Robert Vega, International Marketing (team), 4th place
Ricardo Prins and Camilla Schick, International Marketing (team), 5th place
Carlos Meza, Sales Management Meeting, 5th place
Daniele Benigni, Restaurant and Food Service Management, 5th place
Kyle AbbottMarketing Management, 6th place  
Zhovany Merizier, Professional Sales, 6th place

Additionally, Izabel Rocha, a Business Department student assistant, ran for state office and was elected as State Vice President of Communication.

The LDS Business College DECA class works on presentation skills during Winter Semester, marketing during Spring Semester and leadership during Fall Semester.

Founded in 1947, DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world.

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