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LDSBC students shine at major DECA conference

Founded in 1947, DECA prepares students worldwide for successful careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Competitive events are held each year to test DECA members and see how their skills stack up against those with similar training.

“It was an incredible privilege to attend and compete in the conference,” said Daniel Carter, who took third place in Hotel and Lodging. “I chose an event I had never done before, a business simulation in Hotel and Lodging. The experience I had gained in marketing and management at school really carried me through. I competed against students from four-year universities, some prestigious, and to win alongside them was great for the College.”

During the competition, LDSBC provided stand-out performances in marketing, finance, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship. “The way we compete and conduct ourselves as LDSBC students sets us apart,” continued Daniel. “What we learn at school often takes us places we don’t expect and surprises others as well. The best part for me is that I get to represent the Savior along the way. Our success—and our notoriety—is rooted in our gospel-centered education.”

After four days of intense competition with hundreds of students, the DECA students from LDSBC brought home the following awards:

Daniel Carter: 3rd place in Hotel and Lodging

Thiago Nigri: 3rd place in Sales Management Meeting and Top 10 in Sales Challenge

Matt Everett: Top 10 in Sales Management Meeting

Jennifer Hepler: Top 10 in Sales Challenge

JilliAnne Jensen: Top 10 in Travel and Tourism

Angel Martinez: Top 10 in Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business

Parker Romney: Top 10 in Banking Financial Services

The students found the conference an experience they would always remember. “I loved it,” said JilliAnne Jensen, a Top 10 finalist. “My experience taught me I was more capable than I imagined. I grew a lot and even got a few medals!”

LDSBC was also recognized as one of the colleges with the most DECA leadership passports nationwide. An impressive 24 students completed at least 10 hours of service and achieved multiple goals to build competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. The students were excited to bring honor and recognition to LDSBC after everything the college had helped them achieve.

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