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Less feelings of entitlement

As Elder Condie shared with the audience different experiences of service he taught us that humility and the attitude of being of service to others is what the society needs nowadays.

A learning experience from several years ago came to Elder Claire’s mind. Serving as a student ward bishop they collected different toys for a humble family of seven kids who couldn’t afford to buy gifts for Christmas. The university students worked together to give the best they could offer to the family. As the kids happily received their gifts their mom asked where was the bicycle?. Elder Claire pondered about the question coming to the conclusion ”The greater of the distance of the giver and the receiver the more the receiver develops a sense of entitlement”.

Feelings of entitlement can not only come as we receive something and we feel we deserve more, but they can also come after receiving blessings for our own efforts or the sacrifices of others,  remarkable service in a full-time mission, church callings, service positions or simply after reaching out to someone who needed help.  We must remember that obedience and love for God are our main reasons to serve others.

 "In a heart full of love for the Savior, there is no space for fear. Because a heart full of love is full."-Elder Condie

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