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Levi finds new confidence and focus

One year later, Levi did return to Utah, but primarily to meet up with friends from his mission. He flew from New York City to Salt Lake City, eager to spend time catching up and having fun. Little did he know that during his short visit he would be introduced to the woman who would become his wife.

A long-distance relationship ensued, and Levi asked his sweetheart to marry him. After he had looked at multiple options, he decided that living in Salt Lake City would be best as he and his wife started their new journey together.

As a newlywed, Levi knew how essential his education was. The more he looked at different colleges and universities, however, the more uneasy he became. The high school requirements and high costs intimidated him. Only when he logged into the LDSBC website did he see the potential the school had to offer him.

Levi had seen a lot of ads for LDSBC on his computer and phone. “Once you click on something for LDSBC, advertising for the school pops up on everything else,” he said. The closer he looked at what the College offered, the more convinced he became that he needed to apply.

Shortly after submitting his application, Levi received his admission letter to the College. Not only had he been accepted, he had received a needs-based scholarship that covered half of his full-time tuition for his second semester.

Leery from past educational experiences, Levi wondered if he could succeed during his college journey. Putting his fear aside, he moved ahead with a plan to start his major in Business Management. Upon talking with the program director, Levi opted to add a certificate in Accounting and finish all his general classes.

His experience at the school has surpassed his expectations. “I really enjoy my classes and how we apply what we learn,” he said. One project that changed how Levi saw himself and his contributions was a project in his “Principles of Business Management” class. During it, Levi worked with his classmates to present suggestions to help England Logistics, a third party logistics company, improve their business strategy.

Levi presented the different ideas he and his team prepared to some of the England Logistics executives. He was handed a business card and encouraged to keep in touch with the company. The best experience for Levi was that “LDSBC has given me resources to find my own solutions, to ask good questions, and to find good answers.”

Attending the College has helped Levi make important changes in his personal life. Not only has he been able to study in smaller, focused groups, the teachers have taught with the Spirit. “My confidence has increased that I can do better at school,” he said. “I take everything I learn and apply it to my life. School has enhanced my vocabulary and improved how I communicate with others. I am grateful I chose this school when faced with good, better and best decisions.”

Levi will graduate soon, and after getting his bachelor’s degree he wants to earn an MBA. He hopes to keep his relationships strong, give back to others in every way he can, and be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. His trip to visit friends in Utah was one he will never regret, as what he gained on the journey has blessed his life and future.

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