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Light of Christ

Schreiner has always loved to study scriptures, science, technology and many other things. His devotional address mentioned both the physical and the spiritual characteristics of light. One of the physical characteristics of light is the safety it provides. Light sustains physical life, and by our nature we are attracted to it.

Spiritually, it is only by the source of light that we can understand what light truly is. “Light is at the very core of our doctrine,” Schreiner said. Light is mentioned many times in the scriptures and represents many things such as glory, intelligence and the spirit of God that is within us.

Jesus Christ is the light and the life we need to follow. “You were foreordained to be the children of light,” Schreiner said. Three suggestions to exercise and increase our spiritual abilities are following the Lord’s counsel, rejecting the darkness of the world and being lifelong learners.

“Light is a divine gift from our Father in heaven, the Father of light,” Schreiner said as he concluded his address. If we study the properties and characteristics of light we will better understand the physical and spiritual nature of light and how they interact together. Then our countenances will better shine with His spirit. 

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