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Michael leads by example in DECA and life

“I wanted an environment where I could continue to grow in my faith as well,” said Michael. “I had been to college previously and did not want to be where so much was contrary to my new beliefs.” 

The Church Educational System schools became an obvious choice. While talking with a friend who currently attended LDS Business College, Michael learned about the close associations students have with their teachers and how a prayer is said before every class. “I prayed to see if this was the right decision before I jumped in head first,” said Michael, who hails from Arvada, Colorado. “The answer was overwhelming that I should move forward with this plan.”

Michael enrolled at LDSBC and began studying business management. He also served as president of the school DECA chapter. “My fondest memory was leading the chapter to a tremendously successful year and international competition,” he said. He now serves as Executive Vice President for Collegiate DECA.

“LDSBC has taught me a level of dedication I never knew before,” he said. “I have had my eyes opened. I see how I can do so much more than I previously thought I could. I would like to be an example of how leaders should conduct themselves and run businesses.” 

Michael has a passion for working with the homeless. He currently works as a volunteer and business leader to help them recover from their struggles. “I see how good choices blessed my life,” said Michael. “I would like to be the kind of friend, leader and neighbor that impacts as many lives as possible for the better.”

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