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Name change for Student Development department

Students, staff and faculty may notice a slight change on campus at the Student Development Center by the start of Fall semester.

Formerly known as Student Development, the department has altered its name to Student Success.

Across the nation, Student Success is a recognized title for comprehensive support services for students within Higher Education. The emphasis on “success” allows retention, growth & development and services to all share a priority focus in the work.

Providing an emphasis on success instead of development allows learners to shift thinking to enable future planning – not just current progress; engage individually in their own life stories and define their own meaning for what success looks like for them.

Students being at the center of their own success is the goal of Student Success. Initiatives in this direction have been underway at the College through a revised focus on proactive advising – which has students working with advisors to develop individualized success plans. Further collaborative refinements continue to take place between academics and the existing Student Success Center staff.

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