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Nathan strives to share tools for success

Nathan could not shake the impression, so he took a leap of faith and dropped all his classes. A month later at LDS General Conference, the missionary age was changed to 18 and Nathan put in his papers to serve a mission. He was called to serve in New England.

When Nathan returned from his mission, he decided to return to LDSBC. His family was no longer nearby as his father had accepted a job offer in Vermont. Born and raised in Bountiful, Utah, Nathan chose to remain in Utah even though he was uncertain about his major.

He registered for a variety of classes at school, from accounting to IT. His class experience helped the busy student direct his focus toward what he was most passionate about: helping others.

Nathan chose to major in Business Management, which he absolutely loves as he learns applicable skills for his life and his career. During one of his classes, Nathan was introduced to LinkedIn. As he learned about the platform and the different tools offered, he began working diligently on his profile. Weeks later, one of his current mentors approached Nathan through LinkedIn and encouraged him to interview for a possible job opening.

Nathan interviewed for the job, and shortly after that he received a solid job offer before he graduated. “My favorite thing about my job is that I get to help family, friends and individuals learn how to be financially stable for the future,” Nathan shared.

Not only did LDSBC prepare him to launch his career before he graduated, what Nathan learned at school also prepared him for another important step in life. “LDSBC prepared me for marriage,” he said. “When I first met the person who is now my wife, she noticed something different in me. I didn’t have a beard, and my attitude was different. It was because I was living up to the honor code, and that made the difference.”

Nathan also deepened his discipleship as a student at LDSBC. “I have loved the connections I made here, both with people and with heaven,” he said. “LDSBC ensures spiritual matters don’t go by the wayside. It has saved me as a student, it has saved me as a future father and as a husband, and it has saved me many times spiritually.”

As Nathan compares the person he was before LDSBC with the person he is now, he says, “I didn’t see myself as someone who could add value to others, but now I do.” When asked how he would like to change the world, he mentioned one of his deepest desires: to mentor others.

“I believe that anyone can be successful if they are given the right resources and the right tools,” he said. “I was one of those people who had potential but never had the chance. If it wasn’t for colleagues and mentors who reached out and gave me direction, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to be that person for someone, to help them change their world by providing the resources they need. Helping others has made me realize the greater things inside of them.”

Nathan continues to excel on his chosen path as a volunteer mentor at school, where he is assigned to work with new students. Getting to know new people and make new friends has been an enjoyable experience for Nathan. He plans to stay involved  with the mentoring program at LDSBC even as a graduate. He is grateful for the assistance he received, noting that he is excited to “pay it forward” to others.

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