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New Medical Coding Program

The previous program required 45 credits and took longer to complete, but starting this fall, students can complete the Medical Coding Program in two semesters (seven months) with 28 credits, 13 credits in the first semester and 15 credits during the second semester.

Medical coders are responsible for assigning specific codes describing the diagnosis and treatment patients receive. Those codes are used by medical billers who submit claims to insurance companies so healthcare providers and facilities receive reimbursement.

“A student who begins the Medical Coding Program this fall may complete their coursework by mid-April,” said Lynita Ellis, medical coding coordinator at the College. “The streamlined curriculum is designed to focus completely on coding, allowing students to complete the program quickly and begin working.”

Medical coding is a growing healthcare field with competitive pay and flexible work options including in-office or at home, freelance and even international work locations. It’s an in-demand career choice in Utah and beyond.

“As the only Church Educational System institution with a Medical Coding Program, and at $1,720 per semester,” said LDS Business College President Bruce C. Kusch, “the College provides real educational value to help students on their path to a career.”*

Whether it’s a first career or a career change, LDS Business College programs help students become more self-reliant.

*Note: Per semester cost is for LDS students taking 12 to 18 credits starting Fall 2018.

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