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Pedro learns from life’s battles

As he pondered, he came to a realization. “It's not that people don’t have problems,” he said. “It is the attitude with which they face the situation.”

Pedro recalled the last words his grandmother had told him before she passed away. She said, “God has never forsaken you.” He knows that God has never left him alone.

When Pedro considers the people who have crossed his path just to help him, he looks up to them and gratitude fills his heart. That has increased his desire to reach out and help others as well.

Pedro has learned from those around him that “The best warriors do not become the best ‘just because.’ They become the best because of the many battles they have fought. They become the best after losing many wars and recovering from many injuries.”

Pedro no longer fears each battle in life because he sees that it can teach him. “Heavenly Father is molding me to be a better son, a friend, a student, and an instrument in His hands,” he concluded.

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