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President and Sister Kusch surprise customers at BC Cafe

The president of LDS Business College and his wife recently served—and surprised—those who came to the BC Cafe. Anyone entering was greeted by the engaging couple, who chatted and interacted with those waiting for food. The room was filled with laughter and lively conversation as students told the Kusch couple about themselves and their hopes and plans.

“I liked how down to earth they were,” said Dominik Lyzwinski, who was there to get a Rebecca Quesadilla with a friend. “It was cute how the president and his wife worked together.”

As food was packed and ready to go, Sister Kusch carefully grabbed each paper bag or to-go box, checked the order, and called out the number. When the students and other customers grabbed their food, President and Sister Kusch wished them a nice day. “It was great to see them serving students,” said Francisco Fierro.

When LDSBC moved to the Triad Center in 2006, food services were provided through The Carriage Cafe. In 2013, the cafe was renamed the BC Cafe. Not only is it a nutritious staple for students who need affordable yet high-quality food, it is also frequented by employees working in the KSL building and adjacent offices near the College.

Serving everything from healthy salads to robust bacon burgers, the BC Cafe is a popular place for students to hang out, nourish their bodies, and have a good time with their peers. Especially when those peers happen to be President Kusch and his sweet wife.

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