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Real-world experience helps Chase bridge gap

Chase wants to use his business skills to help make that happen. “It’s heartbreaking to see some people die of starvation and dehydration while others have more than they can consume,” he said. “But it’s not about one person having more than another—it’s about making sure everyone has enough.”

The Utah native envisions solutions that prevent suffering. He believes that if people can work together to see that every person’s basic needs are met, many fundamental problems of the world can be eliminated.

The half-tuition scholarship for recently returned missionaries attracted Chase to LDSBC, but the focused education kept him here. “We spend very little time on subjects unrelated to our major,” said Chase. “This means all of my time is spent preparing me for my career. I learn business principles in every class. The school’s unique environment promotes learning and excellence.”

His college experience is enriching his personal life as well. “At home, I can look comfortably for investments to help my family,” he said. “I can use what I’ve learned to prepare financially as well as cope emotionally—like how I’m managing my time, money, family issues, and so forth. It can all be applied. That makes me better rounded in life, and I am happy with my efforts. I feel more prepared to be involved with the world and my community.”

Learning how to study in college has blessed Chase twofold. Not only has it prepared him better for the future, he has earned additional scholarships due to his excellent grades. And like most business students, he has gained invaluable, hands-on experience. In one class, Chase and others worked with a McDonald’s franchise to evaluate the pilot “Create Your Taste” (CYT) hamburger. The class split into five groups, each taking on a different aspect.

“My team focused on the management of the local McDonald’s franchise,” said Chase. “We analyzed how the manager’s store policies and environment affected the CYT rollout, and we discussed how to really make the new strategy excel.”

The opportunity helped Chase think in new ways. “I learned how to incorporate what I’ve been taught into a real-world experience,” he said. “This was the first time that gap had been bridged for me, and I can now make that bridge in my mind. Seeing how everything connects helps me achieve end goals. I’m excited to help change the world in positive ways.” 

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