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Scholarships motivate Michelle to study harder

“Practically every class applied to my business degree here,” she said. “Everything fell into place during registration.” 

The rest of life did not fall into place quite so readily, however. During her first semester, the Fruit Heights, Utah, native struggled to make new friends. “I went from being surrounded by friends at a huge high school to coming to a place where I knew no one,” she said. “It didn’t help that I tend to be fairly shy.”

To help calm her unease, Michelle relied on her knowledge of the Savior and her trust in him. “Having an eternal perspective really helps,” she said. “It reminds me to enjoy each day and know that everything will work out.”

Michelle chose to be proactive and got a job at LDSBC’s award-winning student development center. There she helped students find housing and understand the meal plan. She answered questions to help make students’ transition to college comfortable.

“I loved hearing their stories, getting to know them, and helping with their needs,” she said. “Later, I loved how students came back frequently to see me and visit. They felt they had a friend here.” While at her job, Michelle also learned the importance of being thorough and communicating well.

Michelle is grateful for the education LDSBC gave her, not just in business but in life itself. “College taught me the importance of always learning,” she said. “It helped me overcome fears and challenges, one of which was being able to balance a full schedule and life! It helped me be more appreciative, pray more sincerely, and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Michelle received the LeGrand Richards Service Scholarship for recently returned missionaries, then worked hard in class to earn the Freshman scholarship and subsequently the Sophomore scholarship.

“The scholarships meant the world to me,” she said. “I was motivated to work harder when I realized that many people sacrificed for my education. I decided that if they could do that for someone they didn’t even know, I would give all I could to make their efforts matter.” Michelle accomplished her goal: she graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Michelle hopes to use her experiences to bless others around the world. “I’d love to do humanitarian work and help others feel the love of Christ,” she said. “I’d love to help others fulfill their dreams. I’ve learned from my own experience that too many people don’t achieve their dreams because of fear.”

Regardless of where her future takes her, Michelle is excited to reach out and serve others. She can’t wait to become a mom. “I can make a difference the world over,” she said, “yet I also know that God has a work for me to do within the walls of my own home. Whether I am helping many or a child one by one, I believe I can change the world.”

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