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Scott Newman bids farewell after 13 years of service

After running large customer service call and email centers for 25 years, he semi-retired and decided to teach. He started at the College as a part-time faculty member in fall 2004, and at the same time, taught part-time at the University of Phoenix and University of Utah. He taught as a part-time teacher at LDS Business College for three years and then began working here full-time.

He likes the Business College because of its spiritual, educational component, “I can teach leadership, and I can use examples of the prophet Joseph, examples of the Savior, and I can use examples from Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon. We have the opportunity to bring the gospel into everything we teach.”

Brother Newman’s favorite experience is being in the classroom with students. He said, “that’s what I’ll miss the most and will be the hardest part of retirement for me.” He also loves working with international students, and that class size at the Business College is generally smaller than at other similar institutions. As part of his experience at the College, he had the opportunity to participate for seven years in a strategy council, see the College from a different perspective and understand the vision for the College’s future.

Something that he has learned during his time at the BC is how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. He said, “The College helped me live my life better because I had to prepare intellectually and spiritually to be in tune with the Spirit to effectively teach and connect with students.” He has learned to be a better teacher and learner. Also, the opportunity that he has had to influence and have an impact on students’ lives has been, in his words, “absolutely priceless.”

Brother Newman also shared some advice for students: “You are better than you think you are, and if you are being stretched by a teacher, or a parent, or a friend, that’s okay because the Lord is stretching us. Take advantage of your time here, be willing to be stretched, be willing to expect a lot of yourself, be willing to come to class prepared, on time, and ready to go because this will be a pivotal time for you.”

We are grateful for the love, dedication and service Brother Newman has given at LDS Business College. He has impacted the lives of countless students along with his fellow faculty and College staff. We will miss him, and we know that he will continue going about, doing good wherever he is.

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