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Several paths for Interior Design students at LDSBC

The Interior Design Program here at LDS Business College has two different options for students to consider:

1 - Applied Associates of Science in Interior Design (6-semesters)

2 - Certificate in Interior Design (2-semesters)



For those individuals who would rather get a decorating degree, we do offer a 2-semester certificate that focuses on the decorative aspect of interior design. This certificate will prepare students for working in residential furniture sales or decorating homes. However, this certificate will not prepare students for designing or drafting in residential code-based environments.


Applied Associates of Science Degree

The Interior Design Applied Associated Degree program at LDS Business College is going through major updates right now, and we are so excited about it! Effective Fall 2019, the Applied Associates Degree is changing from a 4-semester program to a 6-semester program. This will help students meet the minimum education requirements as set forth by the national certification exam for Interior Designers (NCIDQ Exam). Some states such as Nevada, Florida and Washington D.C., require passage of the NCIDQ exam to practice Interior Design. Along with those states, many other states (28/50 states, with Utah being one of them) offer additional perks for individuals who pass this exam. Plus, a recent survey (2019, IIDA) shows that designers who take and pass the NCIDQ Exam earn on average $15,000 more a year than those who do not take and pass it.

Graduates who complete this 6-semester Applied Associates Degree will be prepared to work in all aspects of the interior design industry; including architecture and design firms, both residential and commercial. The graduates who complete this 6-semester degree will also meet the requirements to complete the NCIDQ and the LEED Green Associate exams. Students who follow the recommended schedule will be able to complete the program in two years, if attending school year-round. This degree is a terminal degree, meaning that it is designed for students to take the knowledge they have acquired and go straight into the work field upon finishing!


Heidi Plumb

Program Chair, Interior Design

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