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Small miracles help Sarah face challenges

“My aunt paid for the first three semesters of college,” said Sarah. “My family also gathered money to help me pay for books, health insurance and other materials I would need.” The next small miracle had to do with family—but this time it was a family 5,500 miles from home.

“I spent the first seven months in Utah living with a great family that loved and supported me in many ways,” said Sarah. “The father was my mother’s zone leader when she served a mission in São Paulo, Brazil. They found each other on Facebook six years ago and invited me to stay with them. I guess they knew my financial situation as they didn’t ask me to pay for rent or food.”

Language was the other barrier Sarah faced. “With another blessing of my Heavenly Father, this challenge was much easier to overcome,” said Sarah. “He helped me so much, and I truly believe in interpretation of tongues by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. I could understand my teachers and speak well enough they could understand me. After three semesters, I am a lot better and I’m learning more every day.”

Sarah started at LDSBC in fall 2015 and will graduate in winter 2017. She’s learning to become an executive medical assistant. “She’s a straight A student,” said Toodie West, health professions program director. “She is accurate and dedicated, and blesses others with her critical thinking and abilities. As a clinical lab assistant, she has helped many students improve their skills.”

Sarah learned that while Heavenly Father can provide miracles, He also requires decisions. “When I decided to come here to study, I asked Heavenly Father if the decision was right for me,” she said. “After fasting and praying I got my answer and here I am. I was studying physical therapy in Brazil, so to continue in the medical field made perfect sense. I’ve had the best teachers here. Our lab practices help me develop and improve important skills. I am learning what I will need to know as a professional.”

Sarah also cherishes how she can meet new people from around the world and learn from different cultures and languages. “We all see the world in a different way, so there is always something new to learn with people,” said Sarah. “I love this diversity.”

While Sarah has had a wonderful experience at LDSBC and grown through her challenges, she misses her family back in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. “I love them so much,” she said. “They are the most important thing in my life. Being away from my family is the only challenge that will take longer to overcome. Madre Teresa once said, ‘If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.’ I totally agree with her. Thanks to their sacrifice and love, I have a future that can bless us all in return.”

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