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Stay on the right side and be safe

The fog was heavy, said the wife of LDSBC president Bruce C. Kusch. She recalled how she and her siblings relied on lessons their father had taught them. He always stressed that they must stay on the right side of the center line to make it safely home.

While her oldest sister drove, Sister Kusch hung her head outside the car window to watch for curbs or other obstacles nearby. Her youngest brother looked through an open door to make sure they remained on the right side of the center line.

Sister Kusch and her siblings faced a physical fog that night, but she explained that the “fog” in our lives can be our thoughts or the different circumstances we face. “We must stay on the Lord’s side and not wander off,” she said. “It is especially important to remember that we need to have the safety of the Lord’s light in our lives.”

Just as Sister Kusch and her siblings made it home safely in the fog, she encouraged students to “keep doing the right things, even if life feels scary or uncertain.” She concluded with, “Regardless of where you are on your journey, with the loving help of our Savior you can and will see and feel the Lord’s light in your life.”

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