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Student agency helps LDS Church develop new How To YouTube channel

Social media marketing students were involved in researching, creating and promoting channel content.

“This is an example of real-world social media content and strategic marketing creation our students are engaged in,” said Nelson Altamirano, Chair of the LDSBC Digital Marketing Program and faculty advisor to the College’s Social Media Marketing Agency. “What’s great about this experience is that our students were involved from almost the very beginning. They played a key role in identifying and developing video content for the channel.”

The new How To channel provides simple, practical help for real-life challenges. Short videos are designed to help anyone, not just members of the Church. There are more than 600 videos in nine different content categories: young adults and millennials, finding a job/career, food storage and emergency preparedness, marriage and parenting, personal finance, addiction recovery, caregiving and serving others, mental health and healthy living, and personal development.

Most of the current videos are in English, but there are a few videos in Spanish and Portuguese, with plans to expand the content into additional languages.

Some responsibilities LDSBC students had in developing the YouTube channel include researching video ideas and identifying content gaps, organizing playlists, casting, filming and editing some of the videos, and promoting the new channel.

During the development of the channel, LDSBC students met weekly with the Church team managing the project, learning about teamwork, accountability, deadlines and reporting. Kayla Johnson, a student working in the agency, said, “This project has helped me have more confidence as I apply what we’ve talked about in class and see the tangible results of our work.”

Working with the agency has been a great way for Church employees to mentor students as they incorporate the counsel of Church leaders to use social media to preach and spread gospel principles throughout the world. The Church team was grateful for the diversity of cultures and backgrounds LDSBC students brought to the project.

The How To YouTube channel project will continue for the College’s Social Media Marketing Agency throughout 2018 with students involved in creating additional video content.

Learn more about the Church’s new How To channel on YouTube

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