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Student Development Center team participates in Q&A with the Kusches

Note: This is an installment in the Q&A series, reporting in the LDSBC Newsroom on informal meetings held with President and Sister Kusch and members of the College community. During the Q&A sessions, students, faculty and staff are invited to submit questions and engage in conversations with the Kusches about all that’s going on at LDSBC. Check out other Q&A articles here.

Members of the Student Development Center (SDC) team participated in a luncheon with President and Sister Kusch this month. They were given the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the Kusches. This article is a report of their conversation, with questions posed and answers provided.

Question: How can the Student Development Center team better support students?

Answer: We should utilize all the tools we have at our disposal, including instant messaging, to help answer student questions during their first outreach. The more we empower our teams to collaborate and work together, the better we’ll be at responding to student needs quickly and efficiently.

Q: How can we better inform students of policy changes?

A: Students receive emails about policy changes. The campus digital flatscreens also feature policy and academic program change notices. Policies are also included in each academic catalog. PDF versions of the College catalog are included online. Students should be proactive in steering their education and consult the catalog to ensure they’re aware of applicable policies. The SDC team members should consistently direct students to the catalog for answers to policy and program requirements. Academic advisors should also be consulted. Students should know that they continue to follow the catalog that was published during the semester in which they declared their major. If they change their major, they can follow the new catalog — the current catalog at the time they changed their major.

Q: Does the College guarantee job placement?

A: No, that’s not something we can do. But we work diligently to provide students with a skills-based education to help increase the chance of employment after graduation, either with an associate degree or professional certificate. I (President Kusch) recently visited with some companies in Mexico where we’re investigating potential internships for our students, especially those who call Mexico their home. We hope to have a more formal internship opportunity and requirement for our students in the next year or two.

Q: How can we get more people to attend weekly Devotionals?

A: Attending Devotional is an outward expression of an inner commitment to living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps us all use the gift of the Holy Ghost more effectively in all our responsibilities, at school, home and work. Attending Devotional is a way for us all to show Heavenly Father that we want to feel more of the Spirit in our lives.

Q: Is there a plan to offer bachelor’s degrees at LDSBC?

A: Not currently. However, we are looking at ways we can partner with other educational institutions to help our students continue their education and build on an LDSBC associate degree.

Q: How do professional certificates at LDSBC help students?

A: Students come here to get certificates to improve specific employable skills. For example, this fall, we’ll have a new Microsoft certification available to students. Certificates that demonstrate proficiency with software are particularly appealing and helpful to people who are mid-career. It helps them update their skillset to be more employable or get a pay raise. In Utah, openings for software developers are in the top five percent of all job opportunities. Utah companies aren’t able to find the software developers they need. Often, companies are willing to pay tuition for employees to receive additional training.

Q: So, what would you say is the scope of what LDS Business College provides students?

A: This is a place where students come to get job-related skills. They come to gain new skills or further refine existing skills. We offer, first and foremost, a skills-based education. Secondly, we prepare students for additional education, like a bachelor’s or graduate degree. The Business College is a great place for a student to get started.

Q: Could our health professions education eventually include nursing?

A: We’ve looked at that. We’re fairly certain we could easily fill a cohort of students working on a nursing degree. The cost of setting up a nursing program for the College is too prohibitive. We have a clear vision for the College and offer several healthcare options for our students, even options that could help prepare students to become nurses.

Q: How do we help those around us become more capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ?

A: First, recognize as faculty, staff and student workers, you’re the voice and face of the College. When students or prospects approach you, please respond and treat others as the Savior would. Recognize that even though you may be working on the same issue multiple times each day, it’s the first time for the person you’re helping. Please, when you help and work with others, show them they’re appreciated, loved, accepted and valued, just as you’d like to be. Be kind and loving.

All students, faculty and staff are invited to submit questions for President and Sister Kusch here. Those who have provided questions may be asked to future breakfast or lunch Q&A sessions. If you have questions or feedback about Q&A sessions, please contact the College public affairs team.

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