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Students organize a Leadership Summit

Students had to come up with their own project to present in some way at the event where business leaders were invited to judge their work.

Heather White, one of the judges, said: “I can tell the students put a lot of time and thought into deciding which leadership skills to embrace and work on, and how’d they implement them in their lives. I love that the professor provided options for students to do either a poster or a video presentation because sometimes people think better on their feet, and talking with people one-on-one, and sometimes that’s harder for others.”

Hindra Canton (pictured above) showed what she learned during the semester. Her topic: Building Others.

“I’ve been working on learning how to help others throughout the semester,” Hindra said. “When we add value to other people, we learn how to love and care for them, and let them know how good they are. We learn to make sure we’re serving others.” She also believes that when we serve others, we are helping them not only change their lives, but we also learn how to change ours in the process.

Adding value to others in whatever they do, so they can get motivated and do it better, is something Hindra has been doing more after developing the skill of building and helping others.

Her Reflection: “Leadership includes both what you do and what you leave. My leadership standard truly influences everything I do. The more influence I have, the greater my impact on others for better or worse. I want to be remembered as a leader who adds value to others, not takes it away.”

David Skidmore

David Skidmore chose: Direction Determines Destination.

He mentioned that he loved how the leadership pattern led to taking responsibility for his learning. Finding the purpose and the principals of direction were also part of his chosen skills. David said: “It hasn’t been easy. It’s a learning process. The best part is what you learn from it. We all were individually responsible for our own learning.”

Below are some students showing their projects.

IMG_6698Student at EventStudent at Event

Following the student presentations, Ahmad Corbitt guided an interactive and reflective discussion on becoming “Agents of Change.” Brother Corbitt is a dynamic speaker who has years of leadership experience in both secular and spiritual capacities.

Guy Speaking


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