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Summer Wants To Do More With Her Life

Just six months after her LDS missionary service, Summer, from Beijing, China, arrived in Utah to pursue her next adventure. After she was settled in the U.S., she learned about the Business College and decided to pursue a degree in digital marketing, in preparation for attending BYU in the future.

Summer’s a convert to the Church. She was baptized when she was 21 and served a full-time mission in England a year after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in tourism management from a Chinese school.

When she finished her service and returned to Beijing, she felt like she needed to do something more. She says, “It was hard coming home and not being able to talk about the gospel except for Sundays. We didn’t have church activities or association with other members on other days. I wanted to go somewhere where I could do more and have a stronger connection to the Church.”

She thought about going to Australia, but that didn’t work out. Because she had heard a lot about the United States on her mission, she decided to apply for the English Learning Center in Provo to improve her English skills. The process went smoother than she thought and she was able to get her visa to come to the U.S. as a student.

One of her goals is to obtain a master’s degree from BYU in family and marriage therapy. To help her achieve that goal, she came to LDS Business College as the next step in her path.

In describing her college experience, she said, “LDS Business College is not only about academics and grades. It prepares and trains you for life, to help you know who you are and who you can become. Every single moment you’ll be reminded that you are a son and daughter of God, that you are special and loved.”

Things have changed in her life since she came to Utah. Summer’s preparing to get married next month. She’s also planning to visit family and friends in China soon. But for now, she knows that “God wanted me here.”

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