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The beauty of a miracle

1. Practice exact obedience. President Richards reminded us that we need to be obedient and keep covenants. “There are really simple things we can do, brothers and sisters, that please our Heavenly Father,” he said. For him, a simple thing President Richards had to change to please God and live the Honor Code as a member of the BC faculty was to shave off his mustache. For others, it might be overcoming a bad habit, being more diligent with scripture study, or simply changing a small practice to become more obedient.

2. Listen to the voice of God. If it ever seems you are in a wilderness with challenging tasks to accomplish, President Richards had a second key point:  you must understand that God has a plan for you. You can learn more about it by studying the scriptures, the living prophets, and your patriarchal blessing. As you go through challenges, God will help you learn and change to become the person He wants you to become. He is counting on you, and He wants you to learn of Him. “He is there. He is speaking. He wants you to hear,” President Richards testified.

3. Magnify what God wants you to do. President Richards stated his final belief that we can do things we think we can’t. He promised that God will always provide the tools needed if you are willing to learn and accept the challenge. “If you combine your dreams with hard work and a desire to please God, you will attain it!” he said.

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